Champlain Games Festival

April 14, 2018 - Essex Junction, Vermont

Champlain Games Festival 2018

The Champlain Games Festival is a single day event featuring locally made digital and tabletop games. The event is family friendly and will take place at the Champlain Valley Exposition, Essex Junction, Vermont on April 14th 2018. It is a chance for gamers and game developers to connect and play some awesome games!

Support indie game developers, vote for your favorite game and enjoy the company of your fellow gamers.

Mark your calendars! You won’t want to miss it!

Event Schedules

Saturday, April 14, 2018

1Doors open10:00 AM
2Awards are presented03:30 PM
3Event ends04:00 PM

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Event Information

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The Champlain Valley Exposition
105 Pearl Street
Essex Junction, Vermont 05452

(Parking is available on site)

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Play digital games
Play tabletop games
Tabletop open play
Vote for your favorite game exhibit
Food and drink available for purchase

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Adult – $15.00
Youth (age 11 – 17) – $10.00
Child (age 10 and under) – FREE

There is no fee for exhibitors.

Games and Exhibits

Digital Games

Ocean Freedom by Ketos Games

This 2D platformer and audio adventure takes place in a beautiful world full of forgotten wonders high in the mountains and deep below the sea. You are Sandra, a young girl who has just lost her mother when a terrible sea monster attacks your ship. Upon entering the waters of the ocean you find out that you are one of an ancient race. A mermaid. You set off in search of the sea monster in hopes of finding clues as to the fate of your mother.

Pollywog Pond by Whooplah!

Pollywog Pond is a fun place where preschool age children can make new friends while exploring a world filled with hopes, dreams and discoveries. Pollywog Pond has an underlying soft-curriculum, emphasizing problem solving, social and emotional literacy and team work.

BRKÖUT by Stupid Massive Unbelievable Games

An arcade game with a distinct narrative the takes the player from simple block breaking to manipulating files to editing boot parameters on an emulation.

Keeper by Micropup Games

Keeper is a tend-and-befriend style educational game in which you play as a pixie-sized gardener who sleeps in a birdhouse. The game scales the global crisis of declining bee populations down to actionable conservation tactics by integrating them into its narrative and gardening mechanics. Players plant and tend to various herbs, mingle with the garden’s wildlife, and offer their support to Titania, the ethereal queen bee. We provide our players with an opportunity to learn real-life benefits of native New England plants, gain exposure to the bee crisis facing our environment, and put their platforming and resource management skills to the test. Keeper is appealing to anyone with an interest in nature, narrative, or management games.

Ripped Pants at Work by Scott Ethington

Ripped Pants at Work is a game about sneaking through a city, searching for new pants. Players control an ordinary office worker on their first day of work. After an unfortunate incident involving a pencil on the floor and pants that were way too tight, the player must venture out of the office and into the city on a hunt for new pants.

Cat Ace by Misc. Labs

Cat Ace is an space dog-fighting game with classic 2D arcade gameplay and a modern 3D low-poly art style. Survive long enough to complete challenges against waves of enemy fighters and capital ships and unlock customizations to your ship.

Dawn of the Celestialpod by Gwamm

Dawn of the Celestialpod is a physics based, 2D, action RPG where you become a space squid. Swing around while battling a fleet of robot packed spaceships in an effort to save your Starfish species. Find the best ways to infiltrate each ship, overcome their advanced technology, free your captured species, and get out before the whole place explodes. Brought to you by a group of student game developers at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont.

Burrito Bear by Michael Weiler

Bear is hungry. Fortunately, the weather report in Paris says…burrito rain? Help Bear fill up on Supreme Bean Burritos that tumble from the sky. But watch out! This weather is turbulent: not everything that comes down can be eaten. Bear must practice fancy footwork to catch the falling buffet. But that’s not all: Bear has a sensitive stomach — beans give Bear gas! In this tricky race against digestion, Bear must amass impressive burrito-eating combos to be satisfied…before letting it all out. Along the way, Bear might catch a powerful extra spicy burrito, or even a few fashionable accessories to help out!

Total Dark

Side scroller / platformer game for PC. Designed with pixel graphic animation and sprite based game play.

The follows the adventures of Caligo, a teenage girl whos village is in peril after a meteor strikes and leaves a crater so massive that it appears to be bottomless. Once the village leader disappears down the crater, the people decide to build a barrier around it to close it off in hopes to prevent anything from surfacing. However, once people begin to fall ill and experience paranormal happenings, Caligo decides its up to her to delve into the dark abyss and find the cause of all the chaos. With nothing but her father’s light staff, she decides to venture into the crater, and uncover the mysteries of the total dark.

The Cake Cartel by Jamsak Games

The Cake Cartel is a story based baking game, where you play as a snarky and tenacious granny who is determined to own the best bakery in town! Your choices of baking ingredients and your interactions with other characters will have a great impact on the world around you. Will you prevail or will you fail? and who may you bring up or down with you for the ride?… Releasing on IOS and Android.

There Might Be Ponds, Dad Quest, 10 Hours of Natural Sleep by Sundae Month

We will be showing three games, all currently in development.

There Might Be Ponds: Inspired by long walks in the woods and taking apart VCRs, There Might Be Ponds is a charming puzzle-esque game about exploration, pleasant conversation, and bodies of water. Play as a lost girl wandering in a strange and beautiful garden. Make new friends and lend them a helping hand through puzzles designed around intimate, tactile interactions.

Dad Quest: Everyone knows an airborne child is a happy child- but alone they lack the wisdom to truly soar. Only a “Dad” can nurture a Child into the weapon it was meant to be! In this platforming-RPG, embark on a legendary adventure (or …DADventure…) across a busy and colorful world packed with humor and charm.

10 Hours of Natural Sleep is a surreal interactive radio experience that can only be played in the ten hour space between 6pm and 4am.

Low Poly Beach Volley by Delicious Orange

A multiplayer beach volleyball themed party game.

Tabletop Games

The Exorcism at the House of Monkton Falls by The Screaming Brain

Take on the role of a paranormal investigator and together with your friends banish the evil spirit haunting the House of Monkton. The Exorcism at the House of Monkton Falls is a cooperative board game for 2-4 players tasked with banishing a spirit from the ancient home in Monkton. Take control of a paranormal investigator, gather tools to complete tasks, banish the gathering darkness from various rooms in the house, and escape the dreaded spirit.

Compendium of Wild Beasts by Gemhammer and Sons Gaming

Gemhammer and Sons Gaming are crafters of fine tabletop RPG modules and accessories. Our latest product, the Compendium of Wild Beasts, contains over 100 animal statblock cards for D&D 5E, allowing for less books at the table and more fun!

Viva Cuba: The Cuban Revolution Board Game by Jim Shields

¡Viva Cuba! is a tabletop historical battle strategy game for 2-4 player who face off as the opponents in the Cuban Revolution: Fidel Castro, the brash rebel upstart, and Fulgencio Batista, the strong-armed dictator backed by the United States. Players use similar tactics as the original combatants, including military conflict, propaganda and spies. Trivia questions about Cuban history and culture add an optional educational element to the game.

SUET the Card Game by First Stall Productions, LLC/John LeMaire, Game Creator

SUET (Society of Ultimate Evil and Terror) the Card Game
2 – 5 players (:15 – :30)

SUET is a card game where you play the role of an evil genius trying to gain entry into the Society of Ultimate Evil and Terror. The Society has declared that the first genius to construct their own unique doomsday device and blackmail the world will be allowed to join. You will play cards not only to help construct and defend your doomsday device, but also to thwart the efforts of your competitors on your quest to become a member of SUET.

It’s an easy to learn card game that we hope inspires a fun bit of competitiveness and helps bring out the maniacal laughter in everyone. Have fun thwarting your opponents while collecting the components you need to assemble your dastardly device to win the game. It’s filled with pop culture references, a bit of geekiness and a unique art style we hope you’ll enjoy. Whether this is your first time trying SUET or you’ve played previously, we’d love to have you stop by and join us for a hand or two.

HITstory 101 Presents: The POTUS Punch Out by First Stall Productions, LLC/John LeMaire, Game Creator

HITstory 101 Presents: The POTUS Punch Out
2 – 10 players (:15 – :45)


Our first HITstory game is still in the playtesting stages and asks the question: If all the Presidents of the United States walked into a bar at the end of the Universe, had a few too many drinks and ended up having a giant bar brawl, which President would be the ultimate winner?

POTUS Punch-out is a fun party-filler game with a unique board flipping mechanic and game play that can be easily customized to change duration and number of players. Each player controls a number of Presidents (tiles) that they place in the bar, one at a time, with the President’s fist pointing in a direction only known to the player placing it. When everyone has their Presidents in place, the board is closed and flipped. The results of the fracas are instantly revealed, and as the dust settles you sort out who punched who and who is down for the count. You continue until one President is left standing.

Sultans by The Boy Boys

Sultans is an all new trading card game born out of the desire to see trading card games turn towards a simpler and easier-to-learn form. It takes all of the best parts of other trading card games and combines them with unique mechanics to make a fun, yet beginner-friendly trading card game.

Play as one of the many Sultans, leaders of this brave, new world. Choose a faction that best suits your play-style. Engage in a battle of technology and magic. Sultans is a game where anything can happen.

Fire Tower by Runaway Parade Games

Smoke rises on the horizon. A fire rages somewhere in the heart of the forest. From the height of a fire tower, you command the efforts to contain the inferno, coordinating air drops of water, fire engines, and the construction of fire breaks. Each turn the wind increases the strength of the burn, and the fire grows, bypassing your defenses as it nears your tower. Compete with rival fire departments who will stop at nothing to protect their towers. Can you survive the inferno?

Prepare for a unique experience, a relentless battle for survival packed with shocking reversals and exhilarating victories. Most games about fire have some cooperative aspect, a team effort to beat back the flames. Fire Tower is a purely competitive game, where players have two objectives: defend themselves, and desperately try to spread the flames towards their opponents. Fire Tower is a fast-paced, hand management and grid movement game for 2 – 4 players, ages 12+ that takes 15+ minutes. Each player mans a firetower and uses action cards and spatial planning to protect their fire tower. Every turn the fire spreads in the direction of the wind, and players must skillfully and efficiently manage their cards to avoid going down in flames. Players can harness the power of the wind to push the inferno towards their opponents, clear tracts of land to create a fortress around their towers, hinder the plans of their opponents with torrents of water, and unleash an arsenal of fire cards upon their foes. The choices are numerous; it’s up you to make the right one.

A Fistful of Ectoplasm by LoST Games LLC

Strap on your top hat and brass goggles, load up your revolver, and enter a world of sand, steam and shadow. As you join a band of renegade revolutionaries, you may set about abolishing the slavery of the Fey overlords, solve mysteries and murders utilizing ghost magic, engage in fierce airship duels with ruthless bounty hunters, orchestrate a sky-train heist, hunt giant sandworms or protect the common folk from the onslaught of chaotic Ork hordes. These are just a few of the quests that you can find yourself on as you join the crew of the Killer Queen, the slickest airship in the Great Gear Expanse.

Choose a premade character from a large and diverse roster for this Steampunk flavored High Fantasy Western that utilizes the Cosmic Cluster Saga: Modular Multiverse Engine. This unique new role-playing system, created by the folks at LoST Games LLC, offers an unparalleled cooperative experience and an innovative cooperative combo based combat system. Visit our website for more information:


Victory Condition Gaming (Douglas Shute)

Victory Condition Gaming creates board game and tabletop RPG content for publishers and creators in the industry. Doug Shute and his daughter Sydney have been featured on various websites, podcasts, conventions and web shows while promoting that “winning shouldn’t be the only victory condition when you get to the table”. VCG also provides gaming support for various conventions throughout the northeast with a team dedicated to teach you the latest and most popular board games on the market. “(VCG) is the epitome of what being a Geekdad is all about.” –

Carnage Tabletop Game Convention

Carnage is an annual family-friendly convention where newcomers to the tabletop game hobby and longtime players get together to enjoy the latest and greatest in analog games, including board games, collectible card games, miniatures and role-playing games. Players of all skill levels are welcome to join the fun. To learn more, visit

The Mono Room Gaming Radio (Brian Dewey)

I run an Internet radio station called The Mono Room Gaming Radio, based out of Essex Jct. I play anything from Video Game music, VGM covers, VGM remixes, parodies, covers, original nerdy songs, steampunk music, 8-bit tunes. I also Syndicate many local and out of state gaming/nerdy podcasts.

Gamers For A Cure

Fundraising for The American Cancer Society.

Quarterstaff Games - Vermont's Premier Gaming Store

Quarterstaff Games is a friendly local game store specializing in tabletop board games like Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, and many other Euro-style games,collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering, tabletop miniature wargames like Warhammer and Warmachine, and role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons and Starfinder. We are also Vermont’s largest source for Gunpla model kits. Various gaming related accessories are always in stock such as a huge selection of Chessex dice, top brands of card sleeves and boxes, and a large hobby section with Vallejo and P3 paint as well as modelling tools.

Pop Up Arcade by Blend Amusements

Come get a rush of nostalgia and introduce a new generation of gamers to our collection of retro arcade classics.

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